April 25, 2024
Best Served Hot

Best Served Hot by Amanda Elliot is the perfect book for a sweet tooth. Her heroine, Julie Zimmerman, dreams of being a food critic. She holds her own on her social media as a food influencer, boasting a large following, but when her dream job gets filled by an ivy league old school writer, her hopes go up in a puff of flour. It doesn’t help that the man who took her job is the handsome Bennett Wright, and it really doesn’t help that he’s good at what he does.

So, when an opportunity presents itself, her bitterness at her loss and her eagerness to succeed clash. The ever-spunky Julie decides there’s no use crying over spilled wine and accepts the offer to work with her arch nemesis. But, as these things go, first impressions aren’t always accurate impressions, and Julie soon finds out that her enemy isn’t so much an enemy after all.

If you’re craving a classic romantic comedy, this book hits the spot. It’s clever, endearing, charming, and sweet. All the characters are likable, even when they’re not, and Bennett is a charming lead in unexpected ways.

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