May 28, 2024
Dead Men Don’t Decorate (Old Town Antique Mystery, An)

Big changes are in store for Camille. Her son is the newly elected mayor, and her parents’ old business just came on the market. The latter comes as joyous news for everyone in town as the man -Roberto – that currently owns it is the least liked in town. After Camille successfully purchases the business, she’s ready to make it her own until she makes an unsettling discovery – a historical letter possibly connected to George Washington and Roberto’s body. She uncovers odd circumstances surrounding the shop, which pulls her directly into the middle of a murder.

At the center of the mystery is the murder of Roberto, whose not-so-sunny disposition gives Camille no shortage of suspects, which pairs well with the mysteries surrounding the store. Over the course of the story, she finds Roberto’s body, a historical letter, strange thefts, and questionable antique furniture, with each thread perfectly woven together to send Camille in circles. The characters are amazing, particularly the dynamic duo that is Camille and Opal, as their friendship drives the humor and charm of the story. Dead Men Don’t Decorate is a delightful start to a new series with a mystery full of twists, sleuthing antics, and new beginnings.

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