July 13, 2024

About the Book:

Seven infants, conceived artificially aboard a rotating space habitat as an experiment to populate the solar system. A fugitive mother anointed as an alien Priestess, determined to reunite with her children. A greedy mining boss set on conquering the planets and the loner who stands in his way.

Competition for control of the lucrative interstellar asteroid mining business triggers a fight for the resources of the Moon and a hunt for an ancient crystal that could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

The battle embroils seven infants incubated in a lab as part of an experiment to breed inhabitants off-Earth for future space colonies and sparks a race against time to free their desperate mother held captive by the power-hungry head of a global mining consortium and his shady doctor.

Only the fragment of a distant solar system discovered in a captured asteroid has the lure to win her freedom and unlock the children’s destiny. When a greedy businessman, an unscrupulous scientist, and a power-mad general all covet its remarkable energy, one of the children spies an opportunity to orchestrate the reunion they’ve long desired.



“As a fervent lover of science fiction, I’ve always looked for books that push the boundaries of imagination and challenge the genre’s norms. “Born in Space” does just that, delivering a roller-coaster ride across the cosmos that’s as thrilling as it is thought-provoking.”

– Dr. Mel, Dr. Mel’s Message Blog

“Jeremy Clift wrote a book which reads fictitious yet real at the same time. Everything from being transported to the future, to the scientific breeding of children, and how human beings relate in diverse situations, are all spectacularly written. I also like how the author describes characters before introducing them to the reader. I appreciate this technique as it gives the reader more context as the story unfolds.”

– Aaron Washington, Pacific Book Review

About the Author:

Jeremy Clift is a writer, editor, and former journalist. “Born in Space” is part of his Sci-Fi Galaxy series of novels built around the growth of orbiting space habitats and the exploitation of asteroids. He examines what life might be like for the first children born off Earth. “How would they feel? Would they have a terrible craving to return “home”? Or are they really extraterrestrials, a new space being, a humanoid but having none of the experiences of the Earth.”

Clift says that solving how babies get born in reduced or zero gravity is one of the key issues for humanity if we want to populate space habitats and other planets. “Maybe what will be “born” is some sort of hybrid that mixes the emotions of humans with the resilience and sturdiness of artificial beings.”

A former non-fiction Publisher, he is a communications consultant who has also worked in magazines and as an international news correspondent for Reuters. A graduate of the London School of Economics and George Washington University, he has lived in a variety of capitals and cities around the world, including Beijing, Mumbai, Cairo, New Delhi, Jakarta, London, Manila, Paris, and Washington DC.

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