July 13, 2024
Superworld: Save Noah

Superworld is a book by Yarrow and Carrie Cheney. It is about a young boy named Noah who has always been obsessed with heroes and villains from a young age. For his birthday, Noah made everybody wear villain costumes or sidekick costumes so that he could be the hero, but the world had other plans. On the day of his birthday, a meteorite called “the super stone” crash lands on Earth and gives everybody superpowers, except Noah. Noah’s tinfoil superhero costume caused his intended superpower to reflect off of him and hit his little sister.

Soon, Noah is the only person in the world with no powers, while his little sister, Joy, has two powers. How unfair is that? As Noah tries to survive in the deadly world filled with heroes and villains, he soon discovers that maybe being normal is a superpower in itself and possibly the only superpower that can actually save the world. The super stone is leaking, and Noah is the only person who can stop it.

This was a very good book filled with humor and friendship. This book is great for kids who like funny books and are ages six through eleven. This book made me chuckle and is filled with lessons about the power of friendship. Superworld is sure to make a lot of money because of how well-crafted Noah and the other characters are. Each character has their own specific personality that makes them stand out and it really makes the reader fully invested in the book. This book is wonderful and I am sure that it will be a huge success once it hits the shelves.

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