March 2, 2024
One Small Thing

Sometimes scary things happen to our friends. It might seem there is nothing we can do to help. When Raccoon’s house is struck by lightning and burns down, Raccoon is safe, but his feet were burned and his pet cricket is missing. All the other animals worry about Raccoon, but they don’t think there is anything they can do. But Beaver decides there is one small thing he can do, and he starts building a little house. One by one, the animals each decide there is one small thing each can do. But all those small things add up to something very big for Raccoon.

Author Marsha Diane Arnold has written a sweet, affirming story of friendship and caring. The youngest of readers will cheer for each of the animals as they find the one small thing each can do as the readers see themselves and their abilities to make change reflected. Illustrator Laura Watkins has created a perfect woodland populated with the most charming characters and details to support the story. The perfect pairing of story and illustrations will cause youngsters to fall in love with this enchanting story and place and see how they can make a difference.

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